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Personal Styling Service GABRIELLE TEARE best Personal Stylist in London

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What happens in a Styling session?

Personal Styling is a personalised service every man and woman is different and has different goals. The growth of internet “stylists” who style remotely will teach you nothing and you will end up with whatever clothes they are being ;paid to sell.

At Gabrielle Teare we take a brief to fully understand your goals, budget and lifestyle needs. Gabrielle will firstly assess your colouring and body shape. Each one of us has an individual style, Gabrielle will identify yours and how to buy clothes within that style. Once you have understood your colours and how best to wear them then we look at your body proportions. I will show you how to disguise any figure problems while enhancing your best assets!!

In Uk we only wear 20% of what we buy. The wrong style, colour or shape means a total waste of money.

Learn the tricks of the trade and you will start buying clothes that you love that really suit you. Bask in the compliments you receive from day one.

I can and will change your life and make your life easier. When you understand how clothes work together then it becomes easy to put outfits together. Colours  will harmonize together so that they flow and look very chic. You look well put together and uber stylish.