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How do I choose a Personal Shopping Service?

A top personal shopper can totally change the way you look and feel about yourself. Many people hate shopping as they never find clothes they love. There is enormous choice and if you don’t have a lot of time then you can go home with nothing or even worse clothes you never wear.

Gabrielle Teare the Vogue recommended and best personal shopper is trained in styling and you will learn tips to help you. So a day with Gabrielle will see you put into clothes that suit and fit your body shape.

Gabrielle will also assess your colouring so they suit your complexion. Colour is so empowering in a room full of black we seek out the women wearing colour. It can literally make you look ten years younger. You will learn the colours that suit you. If you need help with make up then she can show you the best make up colours for you too.

Gabrielle is Internationally acclaimed and has years of experience a great eye and superb taste. You have your own individual style. Gabrielle will asses this find the finest clothing for your budget in your style.

Many personal shoppers particularly those in shops are not trained so they put you into “fashion” items regardless of whether they suit you. Or they do not understand the rules of styling and thus you end up buying things you dont wear.

With Gabrielle you only buy things you love. So you will have a great day, learn a lot and go home with clothes that you love that will transform your wardrobe and your confidence.