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Personal Shopper London :GABRIELLE TEARE best Personal Shopper London

Best Personal Shopper London Understand your Body Shape 

The best personal shopper London  is someone who understands your body shape. To hand select the finest clothing for you Gabrielle Teare will analyse your body shape to find the most flattering outfits for you. The clothes you wear need to be cut to fit your body shape to flatter.

Understanding how to make your body shape work for you is the key to making outfits work on you.  Gabrielle Teare styles everyone men and women, the tall, short, larger,  whatever your body proportions and all types of body shape.

Men often have shorter legs than back and this changes the type, length and styles of jacket that work best.

Pear shaped women suit completely different styles to rectangular women.

If you merely buy something because it is fashion then you are likely to find that the cut and style does not suit you.

Gabrielle Teare will expertly assess your body shape so that all garments selected are prefect for you. You will love the results.