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Looking for a fun innovative Corporate Team Building Event?

Gabrielle Teare is a leading provider of bespoke Corporate Styling and Teamworking Days. Whether it is running syndicate sessions at a Conference or organizing a bespoke evening event for your team we can provide interactive events.

Many companies spend huge sums on branding, logo, mission statement, website and PR to create a valuable Corporate Image.

However most companies fail to consider the professional image of their employees particularly  those in client facing roles.

Yet these are the people who create the lasting impression of the company. They can have an enormous impact on your brand.

We judge people in the first 30 seconds we meet them and 93% of that first impression is on their personal image. This is formed from appearance, body language, behaviour and communication skills.

Gabrielle has provided training with many major FTSE and Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Boots, Nars, Jaeger, Pinko, HSBC, Rothschilds, and Morgan Stanley. Gabrielle has a blue chip background in marketing, advertising and training.

From creating  your Personal Corporate Image to managing first impressions. The team at Gabrielle Teare can provide bespoke solutions for your company.