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Personal Styling for Men

Personal Styling Service for men :Men’s Personal Shopper :GABRIELLE TEARE

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New job? Promotion? New dress code smart casual? Or feel your image at work needs improvement. Look no further Gabrielle Teare is the best mens personal shopper and men stylist.

What can  personal shopper do for me?

Gabrielle has over 12 years experience, a great classic eye, very good taste and vast knowledge of mens fashion from bespoke to high street. She will meet you take a brief and then hand select for you the finest clothing from brands that you love and some that you may not know.

The results will delight you, you will look younger, more stylish and feel more confident.  Easy shopping, and you get to go home with a new wardrobe of clothes that you love and will update and enhance your existing wardrobe.  Relax and let someone else worry about your closet.

A top personal stylist will choose clothes in colours and styles to suit you whatever your personal style and budget. I can help you become the person you dream of being.

Creating a great first impression.

We judge people in the first 30 seconds. 93% of the first impression is your appearance. Your wardrobe, grooming, hair the quality of clothes are as important as what you say. It is time to Dress to Impress.

You will find that you feel more confident and are more likely to succeed in social or work relationships.