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Personal Styling for Men

Personal Stylist for men Look your best :GABRIELLE TEARE

Personal Stylist Masterclass Mens Fashion Dress To Impress

“I am at the top of my business.” “I have been promoted and I need an image update.” I want to be promoted”” I hate shopping, I never find clothes I like” “I don’t have time to buy clothes.” “I am fine with my work suits but have very little for weekends.”

Is this you? Then look no further, Gabrielle Teare is the best men’s personal stylist. As an expert in luxury fashion, tailoring and smart casual to help you look and feel more stylish and confident.

It is a relief to let someone else take charge of your wardrobe, glasses, shoes etc whilst you relax and just enjoy looking elegant and stylish. The needs of a creative and a City banker are very different, you are  unique. I take a brief  from you  before I research and hand select the finest clothing within your budget.

What does it cost to have a personal stylist?

The first consultation is free. To work together I will need to find out what you would like to achieve, your budget and lifestyle. I can not only sort put your style but look at your hair, the glasses to suit your face, all to create just the look you want.

I have clients from all over the world at every stage of their career and life. I also style celebrities and Royalty. This is a service that will mean you look your best every day for professional meetings and social interactions.

One off styling or on call personal stylist?

I find that once my male clients find effortless style they put me into their contact list and I find the best clothes, shoes, watches as an ongoing service. I also find  presents for wives and girlfriends!