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Personal Styling for Men

London Stylists: Personal Shopper GABRIELLE TEARE

London Stylist Have a Style Makeover

A top London Stylist can totally change how you look and feel immediately.

Many people do not have the time to makeover their look themselves. Perhaps you have just had a baby, a milestone birthday or simply hate shopping. Many men find workwear easy but casual and smart casual more challenging.

The overwhelming need is “I want to be more stylish”

Top London Stylist Gabrielle Teare is your go to girl. Gabrielle has 12 years of experience in styling private clients both men and women. Gabrielle has a great eye, very good taste and is just who you need to totally change your look.

How does a style makeover work?

Firstly we start with a brief of what you would like to achieve. Many people start with Colour and Style and Personal Shopping. This teaches you everything you need to know about clothes and then we put it into practice in the shops.

You will be amazed at the results! Not only will you experience an immediate personal transformation you will also start a life long understanding of how your style can positively change your personal power and confidence.