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GABRIELLE TEARE Best Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper London

Are you looking for the best personal stylist in London? How do you find the best? Gabrielle Teare is the best personal stylist in London, with an upmarket International and local client base. Gabrielle teaches styling, has been in Vogue for two years and has worked for Canal+ and Disney, many FTSE 100 companies. She styles a wide range from celebrities, mums, creatives to CEO’s  of multinational companies.

Gabrielle will teach you how to find the best colours, shapes and styles for you. Many clients hate shopping because they are time poor and don’t find beautiful clothes.

A much more uplifting way to shop is to go with an expert who looks for you before you meet, then takes you to the perfect clothes. Gabrielle is your own personal expert. Shopping becomes fun and you get a wardrobe full of lovely clothes that go with each other.

Many stylists dress people in the same way as themselves. This is mini me not styling. Gabrielle will style you in your own style and help you to identify it so you learn to buy only things that suit you.