Complete Styling Package

Personal Styling for Men

Best London Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper GABRIELLE TEARE

Looking for a new look? Choose the best personal stylist and best personal shopper in London, Gabrielle Teare. Whether you have a new job, hate shopping, are time poor, simply want expert help or have a birthday today is the day to change your wardrobe so you look and feel amazing.

Do you often go shopping and then not wear it? In UK we only wear 20% of what we buy.  Personal Shopping with me is effortless and you will come back with clothes you love in a style that suits you. People often say “I would never have tried that on, WOW, I absolutely love it”

Personal Styling will show you the colours and styles  that suit you best. Everything is personalised to you so you will learn what lengths, cuts and styles work best for you. This is fun and what you learn you will have forever.

I shop every day so whatever you need smart casual, workwear and whatever your budget you will find clothes that you love and suit your needs.