Complete Styling Package

Personal Styling for Men

Gabrielle Teare is the Leading London Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper London

I need to update my wardrobe and get a new look. How do I find the best personal stylist and personal shopper? Behind every celebrity or very stylish executive is a personal stylist. Gabrielle Teare has been styling men and women for 12 years from CEO’s, executives, mums to whole families!

It can take years to hone your personal style  Gabrielle Teare will show you your individual style and then hand select the best clothing that most flatters you.

Think of a visit to Gabrielle as an investment in you, your personal brand. In the UK we wear just 20% pf what we buy so most of us waste our money on items we never wear whilst constantly wearing  few things.

Gabrielle will help you shop effectively, find you clothes that you love, develop your personal style and maximize the potential of every piece you own.

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