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Personal Styling for Men

GABRIELLE TEARE: Best Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper London

“I want to look more stylish”. Vogue recommended stylist Gabrielle Teare finds this is the most common reason to visit her. If you have nothing to wear then you are not alone.

In the UK we wear just 20% of what we buy so most of us waste our money on items we never wear whilst constantly wearing a few things. Think of a visit to Gabrielle as an investment in you, your personal brand.

Gabrielle will help you shop effectively, find you clothes that you love, develop your personal style and maximize the potential of every piece you own. Start with wardrobe styling to evaluate your existing wardrobe or a styling session to teach you exactly what suits and flatters you so you learn what to buy.

Follow with personal shopping for a fab new wardrobe of clothes that you love. Clients tell me that they receive compliments all the time. ” I now only wear the clothes I bought with you.” “The next day I wore my new coat and I had so compliments, I am so happy!”

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