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As a Personal Stylist I often advise professional women corporate styling top tips  on how to dress elegantly and yet professionally in a corporate environment.

Here Amal Clooney is wearing contrasting block colours a neutral bag and ace shoes that pull all the colours together V stylish.

In the top 10 Best Dressed World Leaders is Christine LaGarde always chic. Here she wears a well chosen navy shift with a feminine Chanel jacket. Stylish yet totally professional. The jacket is pink and she often wears pink accessories, thereby feminising a corporate look

As the Founder of Net a Porter Natalie Massenet established a multi million pound company. Here we have a softly tailored suit with a statement crisp white blouse. A fan of beautiful bags, a corporate top with a racy skirt and fabulous shoes. Natalie Massenet always looks amazing.

Here is Creative Director Claire Choisen of Boucheron. Here is classic with a twist. Her shoes are simple court shoes, the dress is a stylish take on a work shift. Strangely for someone who works for Boucheron the necklace is too small. Apart from that I love this. Body language small tip : never cross your arms generally, but especially in a photograph.

Top Tips

  1. Use Colour

Here Christine Lagarde has a beautifully cut wool silk suit, softened and feminised by silver shoes and pink clutch from Roger Vivier.


  1. Clever Accessories


Anna Wintour at 67 is a style icon. Corporate men will always sport a expensive watch. Women should have a wardrobe of costume and real jewellery. Here she has both black and red bangles and necklace to make the dress very stylish yet still totally professional.

3 Invest in great jackets/dresses/bags/shoes


Invest in yourself, use a Personal Stylist and learn to buy beautiful stylish clothes that will work over and over again. Here we have a plain black dress with a simply beautiful jacket. Men spend c £3000-£5000 on each suit/coat outfit. If you don’t invest in yourself then the message you put out is I am not worth it.


  1. Hire your own Perosnal Shopper and Personal Stylist
Gabrielle Teare leading London Personal Shopper Corporate Image Consultant

As a Personal Stylist I know exactly where the best clothes are. I can effortlessly take you to the very best that is in the shops for your individual job and your budget. Can I afford the best Personal stylist? Can you afford not to, is the question you should be asking.

  1. Grooming


Teresa May Corproate Style

Here we have a vastly improved Teresa May good hair, accessorised with great scarf. But cheap, badly fitting suit. If the fabric creases like this you simply have not spent enough. Could do better


Gabrielle Teare is the best Personal Stylist and best Personal Shopper in London.



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