Teresa and Nicola Vs The Men Why do women not understand corporate styling?


Legsit! This photo made every newspaper yesterday here we have two women who both represent their countries. Their clothes were much criticised, was it fair? As the best Personal Stylist I know the importance of Corporate Styling. In the public eye you are fair game for the press.

So here are the men – lets compare and contrast.

Nicola went to Hobbs wowee! As a result she looks like a smart receptionist, in a badly fitting old fashioned suit. Cost of outfit £440


Teresa May went to Amanda Wakeley total cost of outfit £1300.  More stylish yes. Prime Minister material absolutely not. This is the outfit of a middle manager. So don’t be surprised when you are treated as such by the press.

Here is another 1980’s suit jacket, trousers too big, badly fitting, shapeless, horrible colour and fabric. Memorable for all the wrong reasons.

What about the men? Each man is wearing a Savile Row suit minimum cost £3000. Shoes £550. Ties £170. Shirt £170. Coat £2000

This is David Cameron listed in Vanity Fair in the top 10 best dressed world leaders in a £3600 David James Savile Row suit and it shows. He obviously is a world leader, he has professional charisma and sartorial elegance.


So the men are spending c £6000 each This is 13x Nicola Sturgeon’s choice and 4.5 x Teresa May’s.

They are demonstrating two things here

A  lack of Corporate Styling and a total lack of understanding of the effect of your corporate image in the public eye. We live in a world where every political move is documented, photographed and commented on. They know this, so why not use their feminity to their advantage and sartorially outsmart the men? Clever women often think they should be judged by their brains not their clothes. Rubbish, we judge people in the first 30 seconds of meeting them. Another misconception is “I don’t need a stylist”, this is Teresa May default position.


Both women were judged on their legs and outfit choices? This is how you treat a pair of mumsy sales managers.


The men are above reproach, the women should hire a personal stylist and start playing the political game on equal terms. They need to spend more and buy beautiful stylish suits, dresses and shoes.


I have many city and lawyer clients who look amazing, stylish and fantastically professional.


Gabrielle Teare is the best Personal Stylist and best Personal Shopper in London.






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