Paris Couture 2017 The Best of the Shows

Paris Couture 2017 The Best of the Shows

The Paris couture shows are  such a thrill. The clothes are amazing, the clients are beautiful a fabulous experience. I love Ralph and Russo I met them when we both started and they have become massive. Here is a beautiful flapper dress

Then they do the spectacular, beloved for film premieres and the Oscars Ralph and Russo are superb.

This is sweet at Chanel Couture but Karl Lagerfield clearly does not like women to have hips all his designs widen at the hips.

If a model looks this wide what will a normal client  look like?? This has added c 6-8″ on the hips no fun.

Pure elegance from Elie Saab he produces consistently gorgeous gowns.

Now for the frankly bad. Valentino produced shapeless manrepellant clothes like this


Where are her arms?? Purleese Valentino no one wants to look like this

At Dior around half of the show was man repeller meets little house on the prairie. Maria Grazia Chirui used her first collection to produce drab clothes.

However the other half of the show was feminine, beautiful and ethereal assured couture.

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