Personal Stylist Top 5 Style Tips


1 Baggy=Bigger

What is the point of going to the gym if you then wear oversized clothes? So you look fatter, shapeless and styleless.

Zero points. Shown perfectly here by Victoria Beckham looking size 12-14 she is probably a size 6. As the best Personal Stylist this is the number one style faux pas.



  1. Know your colours

Grey is not the new black. Grey if it is not your colour makes you look grey and ten years older, ditto beige. Here is Cheryl Cole looking grey and fat as per rule 1. If you don’t know what suits you come see me I will show you what colours to buy.



3 Too casual

Claudia Schiffer lives near me and I often see her in the street looking drab, overweight and unattractive. This is a 6 foot supermodel. She is gorgeous and slim. Here we have baggy, wrong colours and too casual.


4 You can be too thin

This is Nicole Richie looking anorexic. This is not a good look the size zero thing is not feminine it is not sexy it says I do not love my body.



  1. Be as gorgeous as you can for as long as you can

Anna Wintour is in her late 60’s. I have seen her loads of times at London Fashion Week she always looks amazing and very stylish. A fan of signature jewellery and collars near the face she knows her colours and styles and wears them. Shoes though?? Not a fan she does not wear nice shoes generally.

In general get a style update so you are not still wearing the styles of 10 years ago and try new fashions be bold you will look better for it.

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