How to start a successful image consultant business


  1. Love Fashion

To be the best  image consultant   you have to love fashion. My personal stylists and I stay aware of the trends by visiting London Fashion Week shows and doing research at the start of each season and before every shopping expedition.


  1. Have an “eye”

Be honest with yourself do you really have an eye for style? It is not enough to like shopping you have to be stylish, you are the product here. I can teach you to be an image consultant but the eye is your own.

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  1. Get training

I have worked with many fashion stylists they do not  make good  personal stylists. What they do is create photographs. I have also worked with people with no training; all of them were useless. I do group and corporate styling and for I only work with people who are properly trained.

Training enhances your inate style ability. It teaches you body shapes, the different colouring types, and how to recognise clients individual style. It is no good dressing people in your style, you have to style them in theirs. Mens styling is very rewarding but rest assured men know loads about men’s fashion, and tailoring  and so must you.

Training gives you confidence too, as you have styled lots of models when you start styling you know their colouring and what will suit them.

At Gabrielle Teare we teach students intensively doing theory in the morning and working with models in the afternoon. I am an experienced trainer, I ran many training courses for FTSE companies. I want all my students to leave able to style and to run a successful business.



  1. Have a great website

Your website is your shop window, so it has to be creative. When I am training we look at many personal styling sites. Many are not creative. So get a killer website be creative, and look good in your photographs. I do not understand how a photo of coat hangers indicates creativity.

5 Marketing

Learn how to market. I teach business planning and advertising. It is not enough to be a good personal stylist you have to market yourself. Make noise and you will be successful.

Gabrielle Teare is the best Personal Stylist and best Personal Shopper in London.

Gabrielle Teare.Com runs regular image consultant training courses and has been training since 2008. For more information click here




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