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As a Personal Shopper in London I frequently advise on beauty products. So what is new and fabulous this Christmas? From Dr Murad who has wonderful products, is a gorgeous moisturiser which left my skin dewy soft. Love this, ideal for a present as well. From


 shampooing reviviscence


New from Leonor Grey is a range of luxurious shampoos, conditioners and hair care. My hair which is dry due to the blonde, looked shiny, clean and felt softer.  In beautiful packaging this would make a luxury Christmas present.

Red Tea Natural Skin Therapy, Hydrating Body Lotion


New this Christmas is a range derived from Red Tea (rooibos) full of anti-oxidants this is a natural skin care range that creates a younger, healthier looking skin.


Tired  Christmas party eyes need Sampar. This is a lovely French brand that has a lovely gift set including a masque, eye crème,  and day crème. Perfect for Christmas I have been using Sampar in France for years, now available here, try it, you will like it.



TuneIT Face v30Restart-Relax-Flash

This is designed to reboot your skin, from Sepai containing 27 active ingredients, working on five causes of aging at the same time. Uber science at your finger tips. Exclusive to Selfridges this serum is just what you need for late nights at Christmas.


Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (1-2MB)


From Elemis one of my favourite brands is pro-collagen cleansing balm. This has already won 4 beauty awards since launch 7 months ago. This is a beautiful winter balm full of oils such as lavender, geranium and camomile. It smells fantastic and gets skin shiny clean too. You can leave on all night for a face mask and deep cleanse .


If your skin responds to the cold with cold sores then there is a new product to try Liquorice lipbalm from Skinshop. In trials it reduced the severity and duration of attacks by 73%.



Medic8 Red Alert serum is so  useful for Rosacea sufferers and anyone suffering from a Christmas red face. it acts by strengthening the blood vessels , it has a brightening affect on the skin and slows down the aging process. As I suffer from Rosacea I welcome every help I can get and would recommend this.



Can’t sleep due to excitement about what Santa brings? ThisWorks.Com has a superb range of aromatherapy oils such as frankinsence, lavender and eucalyptus that will clear nasal passages and decrease stress to help you sleep soundly.



Arbonne Cosmetics 017

Want to look good in Christmas photos? Arbonne make-up uses Optilight technology to blur imperfections and make you dazzling gorgeous.


Ginvera uses Asian beauty rituals this fabulous exfoliating marvel gel can be used dry with dry fingers. I love the fact it is kind and non abrasive excellent for my sensitive skin. Try it and marvel at the results.

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