Man Repellent? New Season Fashion Victim clothes to avoid, Choose style not fashion ladies!


Some trends are best left to the super models or those over 6 feet. As a personal stylist sometimes fashion can be unwearable for those of us that are petite.  Here we have a sleeveless totally impractical, and wierd looking coat from Edun. Note to designers, I have  three times as many small and petite clients than those over 5 10″. Coats shoul be viewed as an investment to last for several years and not as a fashion piece, choose style ladies.

Rochas Cocoon Coat

When something does not look good on a model trust me it will not look good on you. Grungy brown from Rochas.



Totally impractical and over long sleeveless coat from Chloe.

Richard Nicholl Cocoon Coat


Masculine from Richard Nicholl.

Victoria Beckham

Then we have Victoria Beckham  looking embarrassed as she well she might, for producing this completely shapeless unflattering blanket cut into a dress. Do not go there girls.

Loius Vuitton


Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuittton has produced one of the most unwearable collections to date, pyjamas and nighties combined with huge coats like this.


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