Mens Styling To Impress Superb Shoes for summer


Mens styling is the art of finding lovely things for men so here are some examples, Berluti shoes are just beautiful, expensive rare and exquisite.


Fratelli Rossetti also have amazing hand made shoes and are not so expensive.


Remember men I know women who will not date a man because of the shoes he wore……. They will last you for 10 years women’s shoes barely last 10 months buy beautiful shoes or come shopping with me and I will find you some!

Church's shoesI love these from Church’s to wear with a suit.


Prada also make superb mens shoes from trainers to loafers.

LanvinFrom Lanvin another great pair of shoes to wear with jeans they will look nicer the older they get.

gucciPick up some Gucci loafers in red or blue add white jeans and a navy shirt looks very stylish.

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