Must Have Buy The Biker Jacket

coral biker jacket

The Biker Jacket in soft nappa leather is huge now. Have you seen this? I love it!! The soft coral feminises the leather and makes this a spring must have now, from Patricia Pepe.

Gabrielle Teare is the best Personal Stylist and best Personal Shopper in London.


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  1. Aw, this is a really nice jacket

  2. As a personal stylist I spend many hours reviewing wardrobes. Given the fact that we only wear a shocking 20% of what we buy, frankly most of my clients waste money. The buzz of buying translates into the unworn, there is nothing remotely glamorous about this. I have improved since I learned the difference between “clothes” and “fashion” and now wear most of my wardrobe until it wears out.

  3. I like shoes in a bright color or a patent leather with a heel height of 3-4 inches, but get whatever speaks to you and wear with this jcket and jeans


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