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I have been busy buying beautiful designer wedding dresses for my Clients and myself. As a Personal Shopper I love this time of year looking for the most fabulous dresses I can find. Caroline Castigliano has this new in for Spring Summer 2012. What I saw over and over was brides wearing the wrong colour dress this really matters it will drain you on the day. Call me I will help you to find the perfect dress. In one shop all 4 brides were wearing the wrong colour.

I have always loved David Fielden dresses so I recently bought two. One for me and one for my client. His dresses are always beautiful, always very stylish and he has a range with very many styles, something for everyone. He also does white. I am naturally a brunette so all the creams wash me out. I need white. Staff are super friendly as well.

Le-Spose-di-Gio has lovely very chic, modern styles. if you dont want to wear a dress this suit rocks stylish and sexy too. I love it. This shop has soft pinks and blues as well check out the Ebury Street store.

David Fielden, Sassi Holford and Phillipa Lepley are all within walking distance of each other so check out all three. Sassi Holford makes couture dresses that are relatively inexpensive and many are innovative designs. Staff are friendly, helpful and you can change things to get the dress you want.

Phillipa Lepley had quite uninteresting dresses nothing that the other shops did not have and they were much more expensive. The same dress being 2-4K more expensive. The web site also does not work all the pictures appear in minature.


Vera Wang are gorgeous dresses bt very pricey. I have been to Browns bridal three times not an experience ofr the faint hearted. You come in, they immediately ask your budget and as most brides have no idea at first this rapidly leads to them refusing to show any dresses. Staff are cold, snooty if you want a Vera Wang dress Harrods treat you like the star you are…………

Jane Taylor Millinery has lovely headpieces for both the bride and the guests. I also loved the black and silver art deco head piece lovely for a guest below.

Also the bride needs fabulous jewellery.

Nota Bene is a newly opened boutique jewellery site which has lovely delicate, elegant designs. Owner Nikki Blowers showed me all her collection I loved them. also has lovely shoes available up to size 7.

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