Alexa Chung Style Icon??


What is it about Alexa Chung? Everyone raves about her style . She often makes the best dressed list. I am not so sure….. here is a look at this kooky, geeky, style.    For example this look is overcooked a ruffle souffle.


Then we have overblown flowers , spots and a colour that drains her, a length  that makes her look even shorter……


Now we have not so much 40’s chic as Granny Chung’s hand me down’s.


The twee shoes, ragdoll bandy legs, a decorator’s shirt that is at least 3 sizes too big does not add up to chic for me.

Ankle socks with ballet flats, messy outfit adds up to sero sex appeal. I just don’t get it. I am missing something here.

No- one would miss this flower decoration over 3/4 of her chest. Overblown again.


I normally understand and can appreciate style icons with many contrasting styles. I just do not like the little girl/boy twee bow in hair,  and on on dress, ankle socks, peter pan collar, knock kneed look, I like women to look like women.

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  1. Could not agree more! Love it!

  2. I completely agree although I love the dress she wore to The British Fashion Awards !!


  3. I love that she has individuality in her style but other then that I’m not feeling it. A lot of her choices are ill fitting and too aesthetically unbalanced.

  4. I love love this I completely agree xxx

  5. Aren’t ankle socks more comfy, though :)?


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