Kate Middleton’s Style : Hit or Miss?

As The Leading London Personal Shopper  I frequently comment in the press on Celebrity Style. Kate Middleton does not feel she needs a stylist so what is the verdict on Kate Middleton’s style chic or cheap?


 Kate Middleton  Dress

This dress is frankly cheap. It is being worn to a major black tie event and is inappropriate for the then fiance of the future King of England. it would work for a secretary at a Company do.   The embellishment is too heavy, the jacket is too big and overall does not work.

Kate Middleton Street Fashion
Kate Middleton Fashion

 This is another dreadful outfit. The grey comfy cardi, baggy enough to cover a stomach and hips of a heavier woman looks old fashioned and makes her look much older than her years. This is a beautiful woman in the prime of life.

Kate Middleton Zara dress

This is yet another cheap and frankly nasty outfit. This dress from Zara does not fit, flatter and the A line shape and wide sleeves serve to make her look fatter and older than she is. No stylist would choose this for someone in the public eye. Kate Middleton is representing the UK and needs to seriously up her game. Using a Personal Shopper or Personal Stylist is a must for anyone regularly photographed.


Kate Middleton Suit
Kate Middleton Hobbs Suit


This is Kate Middleton in a high street Hobbs suit. Hobbs has a much older target consumer group i.e. 35-55 Kate is 27. Thus the effect is dull, makes her look older and has zero wow factor or sex appeal.

Pippa Middleton Dress
Pippa Middleton Dress

This honestly is the dreary sisters. Bear in mind that both are mid to late twenties. These print “safe” dresses are more appropriate for women 30 years older. Pippa Middleton can and should look amazing.

There are great clothes to be had on the high street but she needs to up her spend a bit and choose clothes that are classic with a twist. Kate Middleton’s’ style is naturally classic but she can and should do better. Hire a stylist buy less spend a bit more look chic. This is how she does style well.

Duchess of Cambridge jenny Packham

Duchess of Cambridge Jenny Packham Dress

This is a stunning dress, she looks every inch the future wife of the King of England.

Duchess-of windsor-burberry


This outfit looks young, chic and elegant. The first wow casual outfit shown that will and did wow the press.


This is another great dress, clearly not from the high street and clearly fashion forward.

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Comments (2)

  1. She dresses well but I wouldn’t say she’s an icon or anything by the true measure of the word.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

  2. Great Insight into Kate Middleton’s dress codes. You can see what a difference the right attire makes. I love your honesty Gabrielle. A bit harsh on the Zara dress- she was perhaps just popping out to buy a loaf of bread!


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