David Downton : Fabulous Fashion Illustrations

David Downton at Gabrielle Teare.com

                                      David Downton for Browns Christmas Window

David Downton is probably the most revered Fashion Illustrator alive today. His illustrations are simply breathtakingly fabulous.


David Downton is exhibiting at the FIG gallery Cork Street W1 on Sept 8th.2011

How amazing is this ! Superb Fashion Illustration.


Lily Cole by David Downton

David Downton also does portraits how stunning are these.

Twiggy by David Downton


Kate Moss by David Downton

David Downton Dior Couture Spring Summer 2011

David Downton Couture Voyuer

Couture Voyeur



on Thursday 8th of September 2011
at 7.30 pm
FIG at The Mayor Gallery
22A Cork Street
London W1S 3NA

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