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Summer is finally upon us – and it really is the time to shine. With warmer brighter days and longer evenings, I recommend spending your money wisely – A beautiful dress that can be worn through the day into night is a useful wardrobe staple.

It should be beautiful, functional and comfortable. I recommend a shorter or mid length dress as they are simpler and easier to accessorise than gowns or maxi dresses. Try and find a dress that incorporates one or more of the seasons trends to make it extra versatile.

This season the trends to look out for are: brights, nudes, florals, asymmetric, and pretty lady-like silhouettes. Black and white are always good options too. I’ve put together some examples of versatile day to night dresses perfect for summer. Net-a-porter is one of my favourite places to find beautiful and high quality on-trend pieces that will last you a long time.

To make a really smart decision make sure that you will wear the dress you’re buying – Look at it, think about it, try it on, imagine where you would wear it. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a dress like this, as it will last you a long time and is perfect for so many occasions.

Michael Mulligan.

Michael Mulligan is a fashion student in the UK. Michaal loves trend-spotting, fashion styling and journalism, when he is not working on his own creations!

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