Designer Platform Shoes : Fabulous or Fashion Victim Mode?

crazy shoes
Christian Louboutin Platforms


As a Personal Shopper in London I am frequently in the shops. Last Wednesday I was doing a preview for some of my clients and was in a packed (what recession) Christian Louboutin shop in Knightsbridge.  I watched woman after woman trying to walk in 6.5” high platforms.

Burberry Prorsum Python Pumps

I was struck by how stupid, unstylish and lacking in elegance the women looked.  If you cannot stand in a shop to try on shoes they are going to be massively unwearable.  Look at how ugly these shoes actually are.

Versace Sandals

Then I visited the new shoe department this week in Selfridges with a client, and saw even more horrible shoes.  Trust me these are tranny shoes uncomfortable, and ugly and you will walk like a tranny if you try to wear them. Look at these from Versace?? Excuse me? Are we all deranged or not?

Charlotte Olympia Pumps

There is style. There is fashion…….. And then there is fashion victim. If you buy these you are going to look back in horror at what you wore. Don’t go there. It also strikes me as anti-women to literally hobble us in the recession maybe??


Lady Gaga clearly having a Bad Romance with these well named “Alien” shoes. Think hoof, think bunion. Leave Alexander McQueen alone.

Gwyneth-Paltrows-Shoes- Grammy Awards


Here is Gwyneth Paltrow ???????????? Ladies just vote with your feet go and find a sexy pair.

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  1. oh what a pleasure to read this post, Gabrielle you are brave :I ‘m glad to see a stylist who does not worship at the “tribute” church,these shoes should have never left the obscure strip bar they belong to.Bring on Mr Blahnik instead: he knows about elegance.Isabelle

  2. Aw shame you hate them that much but I’d love those blue louboutin shoes

  3. It’s obvious that the designers of this kind of rubbish simply hate women and wish not merely to rob them but to humiliate them at the same time.


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