Remington I Light : Permanent Hair Removal at Home

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Remington I Light

I was recently sent a sample machine of the new Remington I Light Hair Removal Device. It is extremely rare that a product is superb and very very effective. This is. I have naturally jet black hair so I have hair on my legs and arms which is a pain and expensive to get rid of. It is the first IPL device with multi flashes which means hair removal is quick and easy.

I have been using this for about 5 months now and I am thrilled!! It only takes about 10 minutes and I have big areas with no hair regrowth at all. I noticed this after the 2nd time I used it. I think I have lost approximately 40% of my leg hair after 6 uses. The regrowth is supposed to take up to 3 months but each time I use it more and more of my legs remain totally hair free. The makers claim permanent hair loss or reductions it works!

I am very impressed and the price is the same as one- ONE!! session of laser hair treatment.

Try this for summer. Fab at £349 from Boots, Amazon.

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