A Fashion Editor’s Guide To Sample Sales

confessions of a shopaholic

We all love designer clothing and accessories, but most of us wish that the steep designer prices were lower. So what is a fashionista to do? Shop sample sales of course! Sample sales typically are a means for retail businesses to discard extra merchandise from their showrooms. The clothing was usually worn on the catwalk and on photo shoots. Sample sales are a great way to get near to perfect clothing and accessories at a fraction of the retail price.

How To Find Sample Sales

In Print
Many local newspapers and magazines list sample sales. New York Magazine and Time Out NY are two titles that are known for their heavy coverage of sample sales. Fashion trade publications also list upcoming and current sample sales.

Sign up for designers’ newsletters on their websites and rest assured when they have a sample sale they will send you an email dishing out all the details of the sale.

Sample sales are difficult to come by, but with the power of the Internet finding sample sales is a cinch. My favourite website for sample sale hunting is samplesaleforum.com a cool new site that lets members list up-to-the-minute sample sales and connect with fashionistas nationwide.

What To Look For At Sample Sales
It’s easy to get excited at a sample sale and purchase everything you see. Keep these tips in mind:

-Make sure it fits your body now.
-Check that all seams, hems, buttons and zippers are intact.
-Only buy an item if you are absolutely in love with it, if you only wear the item once then it’s not really a deal.

How To Survive At A Sample Sale
Sample sales somehow bring out the bad in some, remember the sample sale scene from Confessions of A Shopaholic?  Some things to keep in mind when shopping sample sales:

-Arrive early. At least a half hour before the sale starts.
-Bring cash. This way you won’t over spend and regret it, seeing as most sample sales are final sale.
-Dress lightly. There are rarely dressing rooms at sample sales so be smart and wear minimal clothing and easy to take off shoes to try on things easily.

Sample sales are a great way to cultivate a closet full of designer clothing for a steal. Happy shopping and good luck fashionistas!
Millissa Mathai is Editor In Chief  at  International Premier Fashion site Haute Mimi

Gabrielle Teare is the best Personal Stylist and best Personal Shopper in London.





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