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Mens Style is never more important than when choosing a suit. Whether high street, designer or bespoke, the cut, fit and fabric make all the difference to looking great. So where do you go to get that shaken not stirred exquisite tailoring? Brioni is the coolest shop in Mayfair with fabulous suits.

Fabric, fabric, fabric soft wools with cashmere, silk mixes superbly cut create simply stunning suits. Worn by Bond for over 5 years. Fabulous.

Richard James

Samantha Cameron may be stepping out in M and S but David Cameron chooses bespoke designer of the year Richard James. Booked out everyday, Savile Row is where to go to get a suit that says discrete, classy and super stylish. However the key is the fabric looking at Savile Row, there is a lot of awful fabrics around. Mohair feels scratchy and cheap and is not, a lot of shiny fabrics that new look like they have been worn for months. Also plain boring pinstripes that have not changed in centuries and they look old fashioned.

Timothy Everest

For high street style Timothy Everest the bespoke tailor of David Beckham et al is designing for Marks and Spencer.


My favourite on the high street is Reiss. Earlier this year I was interviewed by The Daily Express and CNN about what to wear for an interview. My view is that it is worth spending more money on a suit generally a reasonable suit starts at £500-£1000. The more you pay the better suit you get. This is at Reiss for £400 and is well styled. Notice the classic cut giving a waist, this is very flattering for rectangle and triangle shaped men. Not so good for larger men.


For contemporary style I like Oswald Boatang, Segun Adelaja, Kiton and Dolce and Gabbanna. I met Oswald at London Fashion week , his taste is immaculate which is why he has been mens fashion director at Givenchy. But the shop is pants. Too dark and too pretentious by far. I am a Personal Shopper , I shop too much to be interested in shops where groups of men stand around, where you can’t see the clothes. Each shirt has it’s own little alcove like a shrine, please I am too busy to be bothered with this rubbish. The one button contemporary style looks amazing on triangle men as it accentuates the shoulders.

Dolce and Gabbanna 1AW09. menjpg

What if you have a bit of a tummy? The double breasted suit works well to broaden the shoulders and hide the tummy. Seen here at Dolce and Gabbanna

Giorgio Armani

Also traditional tailors recommend the waistcoat to hide the tummy. I personally think this looks old fashioned seen here at Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani

A better option for bigger men is to choose a European style suit. These have less tailoring, no waist and are more roomy typically they have no back vents. I prefer this to waistcoats. Emporio Armani.

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