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As a Personal Shopper I am continually trying new products for my clients especially now Xmas is coming.

This is a luxurious, fragrant, ground breaking collection with creams like cashmere, bath milks like silk and scrubs like a gentle rub down by a Swedish masseuse . . . and yet the ingredients are organics, sourced wild and fresh from around the world, the products are over 99% natural

world, the products are over 99% natural – and each product is certified by EcoCert**.  With a clear conscience, enjoy the fresh-spring-morning-wide-awakeness of Fresh Lime Flower, the baby breath soft scent of White Willow or the warming, comforting-as-a-cashmere-throw, Red Clover.

The wild ingredients have been sourced to Alan’s specifications from the Brazilian Rain Forest, the deserts of Egypt, the fields of Croatia, the Highlands of Scotland, and the mountains of Bulgaria. Each ingredient is selected for its therapeutic properties and all are sustainably harvested in its natural, wild state as Mother Nature intended. The result is six elegant collections, divided by ingredients and captured in striking, chic packaging. Available from QVC.


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