As the leading London Personal Stylist I also advise clients on makeup and beauty products. In the middle of London Fashion Week I attended the UK Clarisonic Launch. I have become completely addicted to this, here is why……….

This is a fast rotating soft brush that cleans skin 6 times cleaner than normal cleanser does. So what? Well I have oily, spot prone skin with rosacea on the cheeks, so prone to redness and a few fine lines as well. I am amazed and impressed. People keep asking me if I have had “work done”.

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My skin is radiant. Initially, it brought out a few spots then my skin cleared. I have less oil and the pore size has decreased markedly. The rosacea is also clearing up, I splash my skin after cleansing 15 times with warm-hot water (Erno Lazlo) suggested this and the combination has meant less redness.

I feel really guilty if I don’t use it, as I can see the results. The lines around my eyes are gradually disappearing as are the upper lid problem area. AMAZING!! This is in 4 weeks.

The brush rotates and micro massages the skin. Clarisonic is the US fastest growing beauty company as dermatologists, plastic surgeons and celebrities endorse it. Trials show 83% reported healthier skin, 70% fewer blemishes and oil, 69% less dry patches, 68% decreased pore size. 81% Men report softer skin and reduced irritation after shaving.  Exclusively at Space NK from Oct 09.

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  1. OMG! I have to invest in this FABULOUS device! Thank YOU sooo much for posting it,
    p.s. I luv your blog!:))

  2. Looks effective on skin. I definitely point my wife here. Thanks for sharing.


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