Rebalance your wardrobe for summer

Have you ever looked into your wardrobe in despair and uttered those much repeated words “ I’ve got nothing to wear”? The chances are that your wardrobe is bursting at the seam with clothes, so how could you possibly have nothing to wear? What you probably mean is that you have nothing suitable that you want to wear.

When it comes to having a great wardrobe, it is all about getting the balance right for you. If you do not wear clothes that are suitable for the occasion, then you will probably look uncomfortable and not feel completely confident. Many women have wardrobes full of beautiful clothes that are just not suited to their life style and so never get worn.

If you think carefully about your lifestyle and the different activities that make up your life, you spend the majority of your time doing just a few activities perhaps working, looking after children or if you are very lucky socialising. Outfits for these activities should form the basis of your wardrobe. Summer is a great time to have a good clear out and rebalance your wardrobe.

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If your wardrobe is full of elaborate party dresses that you haven’t had the opportunity to wear in over a year, perhaps it is time they moved out to make space for your every day clothes. If the thought of getting rid of your gorgeous party dresses breaks your heart, why not swap them or sell them. At least you can rest easy in the knowledge that someone else is loving them just as much as you did and perhaps even wearing them once in a while. With your new balanced wardrobe, you can also step out in style every single day and avoid that morning panic of having nothing to wear.

This article was written by guest editor Ceri Heathcote, Ceri provides online fashion marketing services through her company Heathcote Communications Limited and has just launched a website for selling and swapping second hand and vintage clothes

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