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The eyes have it.

How you stand, your body language and most importantly your coded eye contact is the difference between success and another night in with the cat. Learn how to project the right image.
The sideways glance.
This is the first inkling of sexual interest, often combined with wrapping hair round ear. the woman will look, and then look away at the man of her dreams. The head is lowered and tilted away to hide often outright brazen staring.
The prolonged gaze.
In this second stage, the woman will seek to force eye contact it indicates sexual attraction although often still accompanied by looking away when too uncomfortable.
The total body look.
This is an up and down look mostly used by men, to leave the woman in no doubt what his intentions are. The recipient may feel slightly flustered but also flattered.
Grooming gestures
Women will start to play with wine glass, hair, small purse etc reflexly grooming themselves. Men likewise will change posture becoming more overt with feet pointing in direction of their chosen woman. Gestures become more flamboyant, if talking there will be matching body language with both flirtees leaning in to “hear” better what the other one has to say.
Men flirtation signals
Men will use the prolonged stare, combined with the up and down look. The man will close in and narrow the gap between them. To tell if someone likes you watch the feet!!!!Feet will always point to the person they are most interested in, be it the leader of the group or the woman he is flirting with.
Signs of disinterest for both sexes include crossing arms or legs, rolling eyes, looking away or over the shoulder and closing off the body to advances, i.e. turning slightly away or presenting the back view.
Becoming aware of all parts of our image is the difference between success and failure in love and work environments. To find out how to enhance your image and get the job/relationship you want consult an Image Consultant. 85% of the impression you make is non verbal and based on the way you look. Life is too short not to enhance your image.
People make decisions on us within 30 seconds of meeting us. There is no second chance to make a good first impression.
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  1. Hmmm… interesting tips. I knew some of them from personal experiences. I will take into account your tips, too. What about chemistry between opposed sexes? Looking for an article about that.

    Thank you for the tips, Gabrielle.

  2. I wrote a similar blog about this subject but you did a better job 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed your blog, Thanks.


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