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In the UK a staggering 80% of your wardrobe goes unworn on average. Recent research suggests that there is £4.7 billion of unworn pristine new clothes clogging up our wardrobes. Wardrobe Styling means getting rid of the rubbish and at last being able to see what you really have.

Gabrielle Teare London’s best Personal Stylist says “many of my clients have multiple purchases of essentially the same item, how many pin stripe trouser suits do you need?” A ruthless edit means the unloved and unworn is thrown out or sold at recycle sites such as BuyMyWardrobe.Com, Ebay or Swapaholix.Co.Uk.

Retained clothes that flatter, and suit in terms of style, fit and colour are then organised by category i.e. skirts, dresses, trousers and by colour so dressing becomes effortless. Having done this the missing links can be identified by looking at the lifestyle of the client.

In the current climate, buy “Style” rather than “Fashion”, invest in the classic pieces that will last many seasons. Reserve fashion for shoes and bags that easily update an outfit, true fashion pieces should be kept to cheaper items. Last years’ sleeveless expensive jacket is almost certainly destined to remain unworn.   “Style” is what we actually wear 90% of the time so it makes sense to spend money here.   

Buy key pieces, such as a very good quality plain white shirt, the little black dress to take you anywhere.  A great fitted coloured jacket to suit your style and shape, perfect jeans and an investment buy black pencil skirt often to be found in the sales from top designers at slashed prices.  Use best  Personal Shopper to be disciplined and buy items that you love that will last. You can have style on any budget.  

Gabrielle Teare is the best Personal Stylist and best Personal Shopper in London.


Gabrielle Teare’s blog has been recommended by Vogue as one of the world’s top Fashion and Beauty sites. Gabrielle is featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times, Financial Times, CNN, BBC, Daily Express, and Vogue. Gabrielle Teare is recommended by The Daily Telegraph as The Style Consultant to visit in London.

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